Murder Mysteries



Sorry our Magic Shows have become so popular we can no longer offer Murder Mystery Shows.

If you Google Murder Mystery Hosts you may find another provider.

Its Murder Time 

Client Comment:

“Thanks again for an awesome night, I have nothing but extremely impressed comments from everyone.. It was a totally awesome evening!” (Pam Coan 2014)


“I hired Christopher for my husbands birthday party to hold a murder mystery night and also to do a magic show. 
He was amazing, it was fun for the whole family. We had guests of all ages (5yrs – 65yrs). The family are still talking about how much fun they had. I enjoyed the magic show the best, I thought I would be able to tell how he did the tricks but I am still stumped. Christopher kept us all guessing. It was great.” (Bron Sainsbury 2013)


“the [murder mystery] will be talked about for quite a while thanks for such a great fun night” Woden SES Unit 


Get a group together of 10-120 people for a really fun murder mystery party. Have dinner or lunch then a murder for a whole night of fun.

The murder runs for approximately 2.4 hours and is very interactive and not just an academic exercise with pen and paper. Your guests will be playing hilarious games to win clues and solve who, how and why the murder was committed.

Our murder mystery theme is:

  • Hollywood Horror

We also have optional add-on entertainment packages to make it an even bigger entertainment extravaganza.

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