About Christopher Charles – Canberra’s Comedy Magician

Christopher has performed over 1,000 professional shows as an entertainer over 30 years. In 1997 he won the Open Competition in SA as the Best Party Magician.

In the magic business mentoring is the life blood of talent and Christopher has been mentored by some of the very best.

It is the diversity of talent that makes Christopher a unique performer. Magic, Music, Acting and a range of vaudevillian skills is a rare combination and means that he can perform from a 10 min spot to a whole evening of diverse entertainment.

Christopher studied Acting and Directing at the Australian National University as part of Degree in Theatre Studies. (University studies part funded via appearing in numerous TV Advertisements most recently in TV commercial for Gingers Catering (Master Chef); Movie Extras and has even appeared as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and other roles.

Christopher has performed in Hong Kong and appeared in Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) English Programmes and appeared in movies such as Hamlet; rock music videos etc. He can even do enough Cantonese to impress Chinese audiences and can do intro and outros in 10 languages.

He has taught theatre with Faust Children’s International Youth Theatre in Hong Kong and Produced and Directed Faust’s first theatre production Please Stand Back From The Doors (sell out of 9 shows at Hong Kong Fringe Festival).

Has been magic/special effects consultant on Barnum the Musical, Scrooge the Musical, Wizard of Oz and Chekhov’s the Cherry Orchard, Disney’s Mulan, Boys Will Be Boys and many more.

Just an example of his diversity:

  • Was Ringmaster for Robinson Family Circus and the Grand National Folk Circus.
  • Performed in USA; French, British, Swiss, and UAE embassies
  • Principal with Canberra Repertory Musical Hall 1998, (principal magic, chorus singer/dancer).
  • Principal Comedy Actor in Treasure Island and Furtive Fortunes of Fickle Fate the Musicals in 2004.
  • Represented Italy as their roving entertainer in the Rugby World Cup in Canberra in 2003.
  • Performed as entertainer at Australian National Folk Festival and Melbourne Ukulele Festival for so many years can’t remember when he first started but last time in 2009 with his band Ukeleus.
  • Performed in countries as diverse as China, Malaysia, Vanuatu and Australia.
  • Represented Australia at the World Unicycle Championships in Beijing in August 2000 (rode the Great Wall of China on one wheel) and Seattle 2002; head trainer of AUS team, AUS X-treme Team and Group competitor in World Championships in Seattle USA in 2002.
  • Performed a solo ukulele artist at the New York Ukulele festival and has performed at Melbourne, Cairns, Blue Mountains, New York and San Francisco Festivals and Clubs.
  • Numerous workshops on Voice /Acting/Comedy
  • Numerous acting credits in Film and Theatre productions.
  • Currently completed up to Grade 6 Aust Music Examination Board Exams and studying Jazz piano.
  • Designer and supplier of the Grand Music Stand for pianos around the world.
  • Appeared in Rake Season 5 and Secret City Season 2 TV series.

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